“Cristler is an exceptionally accomplished cellist and, at 25, stellar material.  It is one thing to fulfill the requirements of the principal cellist in orchestral music and something more to play the HAYDN CONCERTO IN D MAJOR with its virtuoso demands, both technical and musical.  Cristler was equipped to handle virtually any assignment and do it artistically.”  —The Times-Union, Rochester, New York

“The outstanding performance of the evening was DVORAK'S CELLO CONCERTO with the very talented Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra principal cellist Samuel Cristler as soloist.  His performance was exceptionally musical, thoroughly studied and poignant.”  —Democrat and Chronicle, Rochester, NY

“The biggest hand of the evening went to the orchestra’s principal cellist Sam Cristler, who was the soloist for the SAINT-SAËNS CONCERTO IN A MINOR.  He proved, as he has countless times in the past, he is a very talented and accomplished performer as he etched clean melodic lines throughout the knotty, dramatic piece.” —The Times-Union, Rochester, NY

“The evening’s highlight was a performances by cellist Samuel Cristler of  HAYDN'S CONCERTO IN D MAJOR.  Cristler’s playing was everywhere marked with strength, fine tone and electrifying energy.  The first movement cadenza (by Emmanuel Feuermann) was well-motivated, intense and brought off grandly.  The slow movement was broadly and expansively interpreted by Zinman and received a studied and thoughtful rendition by Cristler.  The melodies in the concluding movement, a 6/8 dance, were given fine voice by soloist and ripeno alike.”  —The Geneva Times, Geneva, NY

“Samuel Cristler was the evening’s guest soloist.  He began with HAYDN'S CELLO CONCERTO IN C MAJOR … playing with an extraordinary flair and style.  He brought refinement to the line of the second movement and a confident air to the third.  Even more refinement of line came from Cristler’s performance of the Rachmaninoff Vocalise.  The work’s tender tunes lie well for cello and orchestra and were sensitively performed.”  —The Hartford Courant, Hartford, CT

“Samuel Cristler, principal cellist of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, was the splendid soloist.  With a lovely, singing tone and dead-center intonation, he caught the essentially romantic spirit of the work, giving PROKOFIEV'S SYMPHONY-CONCERTO long lyrical lines a noble arch and expressive phrasing.  This was a technically masterful performance, with even the fastest sections crisply and cleanly articulated.”   —Corning, NY

“His lyricism was very convincing in the slow sections of the middle movement [LALO CONCERTO] and he made a great deal of charm out the jaunty Spanish theme.  Mr. Cristler finished his performance with the best of style.”  —The Hartford Courant, Hartford, Connecticut